Teaching old analog dogs new digital tricks and dealing with disruptive innovation

DigiKompetenz PodcastEpisode 21

mit Michael Dowling

In our English Language Special episode of the DigiKompetenz Podcast, we speak with the renowned innovation researcher and fascinating US-American, Professor Dr. Michael Dowling, Chair of Innovation and Technology Management in the Faculty of Business, Economics, Information Systems and Real Estate at the University of Regensburg and Chairman of the Board of MÜNCHNER KREIS e.V., an independent, interdisciplinary and international platform for active and diverse discussions on digital transformation amongst key players from business, academia and public policy.

We have all heard about innovation – or have we? Companies today face the challenge of developing the right portfolio of new competencies for their business for the future - and that in an age where core businesses are more in the evolution process, than they have ever been and where there are all kinds of different innovation. The key to successful transformation is being open to change. So can you teach an old dog new digital tricks? And do we have to adopt new methods of doing business to survive?

For example, can we look to cooperations of competitors such as Pfizer and BioNTech as examples of good ways to move forward? Or, why do established companies have problems with disruptive innovation? And what are the key reasons that trailblazing innovation often gets blocked to the detriment of the company? And what can we learn from past examples? How can you predict disruptive innovation? These and many more fascinating aspects of digital transformation and digital competency in our inspiring conversation. Innovation through the eyes of the innovation specialist and researcher, who authored a book chapter in Handbuch Digitale Kompetenzentwicklung- Wie sich Unternehmen auf die digitale Zukunft vorbereiten (Manual Digital Competence – How Companies prepare themselves for the Digital Future) on this topic together with the psychologist, Head of Digital Competence Development & COO of i40.de, Martin Dowling, who we interviewed in a previous podcast episode (in German).

From digital promoters at all levels of companies in all departments, disruptive innovation and the role of communication between marketing and technology via why solely thinking about giving existing best customers better solutions is not the complete key to the future, through to why the fear of cannibalization of something a company is already doing successfully can inhibit innovation and what we can learn from Nokia, Apple and Microsoft. One thing is for sure. Mindset is key. And this one will keep you thinking in and around digital innovation and what it means for your business.

Would you like to know, what exactly “Coopetition” is, how to break mindsets, why Lieutenant William Sims from the US navy meeting Admiral Percy Scott from the UK Navy is important for looking at disruptive innovation, who said “nobody will ever pay 800 Euros for a smartphone”, what a rock band named “Wise Noise” and soccer have to do with digitalization and how an American Professor ended up in Regensburg? 😊 – Then listen in!

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